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"Thank you SO much for your beautiful book that just speaks to my soul. I've been picking it up daily when I feel like I need it and it's been amazing in grounding me. You're a true talent. Thank you for sharing it with the world."

"I recently ordered your book off Amazon and it's honestly amazing!! I only got it today but I already love it. I follow you on Facebook and Instagram and I love all your posts. It really gives people who aren't parents a look into what we go through daily. Thank you for making such an amazing book xx"

"Thanks for writing down all the feelings that I can't find the words for myself."

"I just received your beautiful words from another mother this week, can only read three pages at a time before my eyess are too glassy to read on. Just the most beautiful gift. It's like you've wrapped up our mama hearts with your words and handed them back to us to make the hard days a little more sparkly."

"You have an incredible gift and the unique power to be able to touch the hearts of so many. I am so excited to have discovered you and your intensely beautiful words."

"I showed your book to my husband, he read a couple of texts in silence and when I asked him to read it out loud he started to tear up and couldn't get passed the halfway mark."

"Thank you for sharing words that so perfectly encompass my emotions since becoming a mother. Your words are a gift"

"I just discovered your page and words can barely describe how grateful and happy I am. Your writing is inspiring and touches me so deeply"

"Your pieces are some of the only ones I can totally relate to"

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