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Am I Still Your Baby, Mama?

(the prequel to you'll always be my baby)

Warning: if you're expecting a second baby, remember, this is just a perspective, and it does get easier xx

'I’m only little for a little, mama That’s what you always say But I held my hands up to you And you looked the other way

Am I still your baby, mama? And will I be forever? Even though I’m not the smallest now And it’s not just us together

Will you still hold me close to you? Will you come to me when I call? Will you stroke my hair as I fall asleep? Even though I’m not as small?

I’m excited, and I’m curious About this baby in our home I miss you when you’re in your room The two of you alone

And I’m trying to be careful, mama With my gentle, but clumsy hands I know I should be patient And I’m trying to understand

You’re really busy now With not much time to play I hear you cry sometimes, mama And I think we feel the same

Because sometimes I feel sad And still as happy as can be And then people want to hold the baby And that baby isn’t me

Though I might not be as little, mama You’re still everything to me You’ll always be my twinkling star No matter how big I seem

And then I lifted my hands to you And you scooped me up in your arms I softened, just like I always do Our special kind of calm

And it was just us again Even though so much had changed You whispered, as we swayed together That your love for me was the same

And then the little cries came But you kept your hand in mine and you cradled us together as you sang, ‘you are my sunshine’

And I realised in that moment That you will always be my mother But something that made me smile more, Is that I’ll always be a brother

And mama, then you whispered to me In our new and special mould ‘You’ll always be my baby, Just heavier to hold’.

Words available for print here with sister version also:

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