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Dads Don't Babysit, They Parent

When my husband goes grocery shopping with one of the kids he’s a star.

Seriously he could be on a stage with roses thrown at him because he’s looking after them alone.

He comes home laughing (but flexing) telling me of the comments.

“Ohhh well done”

“Ohhh so cute, good on you”

“Isn’t Mum lucky getting a break”.

Funnily enough, my grocery experiences aren’t like that. Usually I get a wide berth and side eyes as I say on repeat,

“Almost done”

“Don’t touch that”

“You can eat that soon”

Definitely no adoring fans over here.

Once Drew and I were out walking with the kids, he had Holly in his arms while pushing an empty pram and some older man walked passed and laughed “oh ya poor bastard”. Meanwhile I was carrying two bags with the other flailing child...

Hey mate, I’m a poor bastard too 🙋🏼‍♀️😅

And news flash buddy...

Dads don’t babysit, they parent.

These comments actually just render fathers as useless, and they’re not? They are more than capable of looking after their OWN children. Society still seems to have that lingering undercurrent that Dads are amazing if they share in the parenting.

I’ll admit there’s nothing sexier than a good Dad but I won’t be dishing out accolades for nappy changes.

I’m not “lucky”.

I’m grateful. Very grateful for him.

Instead of ‘here’s to the dads who baby wear, change nappies, get up in the night, cook meals or who simply show up’...

Here’s to the Dads who say “I love you, I love us”, by doing all of these things.

It’s not JUST showing up as a father, it’s showing up as a husband or partner too.

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