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For those who don't have Pinterest worthy kids rooms....

It was probably all the Pinterest scrolling that made me cringe initially when my kids wanted to put their artwork on their walls.

Or have cartoons framed instead of neutral coloured baby animals.

And it was probably Instagram that made me feel weird about the stickers on the mirror and their rooms slowly turning into what I can only describe as unicorn spew.

Looking back I think the need to decorate their rooms a certain way only stalled me from focusing on what actually matters postpartum, (their room aesthetic seems rather trivial when they arrive.)

The idea of natural curated items that look as though a filter has been placed over it is lovely and all (and don’t get me wrong I love decorating) but wow is it hard to keep up with such standards.

And why should we?

They both seem so much happier when they’re in a space that reflects them, just as the clothes they choose to wear (and sometimes I think WOW as we leave the house in stripes and patterns and tutus and gumboots)

But they’re little, they’re having fun, this is about them being them… a message I want to instil in them always.

My kids don’t want a shelf of perfectly lined up wooden toys, and book covers that all look brown and cream and beige. They didn’t want the neutral linen bed spread, they wanted rainbows and Bluey. They didn’t want heuristic play as toddlers, they wanted plastic crap most of the time.

And we just go with it now, we let them be little.

I remember being that kid who moved my room around a hundred times, so excited to show mum.. posters everywhere… sarongs on the ceiling (yes you read that right)

You wouldn’t have pinned it on Pinterest.

But it was loved and lived in.

It didn’t look magazine worthy and none of us cared, it looked played in,

it looked like mine.


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