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It Doesn't Matter Who Came First

It doesn’t matter who came first or second.

Love isn’t measured this way.

It doesn’t matter who sleeps through the night,

I still find myself scrolling through photos of you both when I should be sleeping.

It doesn’t matter if you take it all in your stride or if you clutch onto my leg, my heart is with you both no matter how you walk through life’s journey.

It doesn’t matter if you smother me with kisses or prefer your own space, I breathe you both in when those hugs do come all the same.

It doesn’t matter if you yell at the top of your lungs or whisper softly in my ear.

I hear you.

It doesn’t matter if you do cartwheels across the room or sit quietly playing alone, please know that I see you, always.

It doesn’t matter how you were fed, breast or bottle, you both look at me like I’m your entire world.

It doesn’t matter your age or stage, it’s all so new, deliciously different as each of you are.

It doesn’t matter who did what first, there’s no race, lifes pages are turning quickly and all I want to do is bookmark this for a little while.

It doesn’t matter if my arms are full, though my back has seen better days.

It doesn’t matter who had more time before the other arrived, truth is I can’t remember a time where you weren’t mine.

It doesn’t matter who came first or second.

There is no more or no less.

Just my first unconditional loves the second my life truely began.

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