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Lucky or Grateful?

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

I’m often reminded how lucky I am to have my husband.

He shares the cooking

He does bath time while I clean up

He changes nappies

He dress’s the kids

He lets me head to bed early when the day has kicked my ass into next week.

He lets me sleep a little longer in the morning if I’ve been up all night.

He gives me back rubs after I’ve been lifting the kids all day.

Now don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t need to be reminded that he’s an amazing Dad, he is!

But lucky is a word that sits funny with me when it’s used to describe a father, well, being a father...

If these things are considered as being lucky.. what age are we living in?

What does the word ‘Father’ mean to you?

Now think, what does the word ‘Mother’ mean to you?

Someone who thinks for everyone else and forgets about herself?

Someone who organises the clothes, the meals, the outings, cleans, entertains, teaches, soothes, cuddles, multitasks, researches, works, deals with her body changes, the hormones and also all of the above.

Am I Close?

Maybe this is just expected of us.

Do we refer to the father as lucky?

Probably not...

And this is not a feminist rant, it’s just a perspective.

I think our mindset needs to change.


I am INCREDIBLY grateful for him.

I’m grateful that he is the definition of the word father.

I’m grateful for the role model that he is to our babies.

Grateful that he steps up

Grateful that he allows me to FEEL

Grateful that we can talk openly

Grateful that he works hard for us and continues to when he walks in the door.

We’re a team, we created these children together, I left my career to pursue staying at home for the time being.

I think if anything, we made our own luck together.

We worked hard to find a balance that works for us so I can be the best Mother I can be to the kids and he can be the best Father.

We aren’t perfect, the time we spend on each other now is minimal but we work hard at the little things, the hallway kisses, the immature jokes, the bedtime stories that we both join in for.

I don’t know if it’s luck, but I do know I am grateful.

We both are.

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