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My Little Lady

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

My little lady,

Don’t hold it in, that roar of yours, it’s fierce and it’s brave. But if you want to be heard you also have to listen.

Love with hunger as well as contentment. Love yourself enough so you can champion the achievements of those around you and the ones who paved the way before you. Love brings exquisite beauty and pain, only by embracing both will you feel love in its entirety.

Inhale life in giant gulps. I’ll remind you of how you were never afraid to fall. Somewhere along the way I lost that, but you’re teaching me this again, you’re teaching me to fly.

Honour your home, this body you’ve been blessed with, take it on adventures, move it, be kind to it, accept it as it holds your hand through these chapters.

Don’t disappear into shadows or make yourself smaller. Keep speaking your truth, sometimes this will intimidate others, maybe they’re not ready to do the same yet.

Stand alone if you must. Though I’ll be standing next to you, even when you can’t see me.

Say ‘No’ if you want, don’t worry about pleasing others. Your soul is breathing instincts through you all the time, listen to them.

Some rules are important, but some are made to be broken. It’s knowing in your heart what’s right and wrong, live a little, dare to take risks. Do it for yourself.

Don’t waste energy on proving your worth, the right people will be hit with it instantly. You’ll create an energy together that will simply feed itself.

Be vulnerable, be real, be courageous. Have deep conversations. Don’t be afraid of them, the only thing to fear is a world of small talk.

There is nothing more beautiful than a beautiful mind in confident skin.

This is true beauty and you are beautiful.


Printable poem available here

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