• Jessica Urlichs

Oh Good, You're Home..

Oh, good you’re home, it’s not like I was waiting at the window or anything.... I’ve had a helluva day. Oh that text at 5:02pm? Yea that was just me, don’t worry, just thought something might have happened to you.. the hours between 4:30pm and 5:00pm really draaaaged.

It’s been mental, I got the dinner on but there’s dishes everywhere and I did clean but there’s no point with these two, just look at the place. .. KIDS DADDYS HOME… honestly I feel like the TV has been on all day... it hasn’t... There’s been a lot of tantrums today I just don’t know what’s going on with him at the moment, could be a leap but I’m not sure, you know LEAPS? Remember I showed you that app that time? Ugh... Don’t worry, just get the kids ready for dinner.

Oh by the way I made that appointment for tomorrow, you know the one… we talked about it a week ago.. you know, with the thing... HANG ON KIDS DINNERS COMING. Honestly I can’t get a thing done around here, every time I’m on the way to do something I see something else that needs to be done, so this weekend we really need to get onto some things, I made a list.

Looking after these two is a full time job you know …it’s not easy, their naps were shit today so I had absolutely no time, NONE. Must be nice having a hot cup of coffee at your desk… OK KIDS DINNERS READY… OH… that washing’s still out there I might need you to grab that later before it rains and the dog needs to go out.

I’m pouring a wine, want a beer?

Oh by the way, how was your day?

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