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Remembering You (TW: Miscarriage / Pregnancy Loss)

Truth be told, if I was old

and we didn't know each other

would the things that lived

inside me once

stay with me forever?

Would I see your eyes in

someone else,

would I feel it in my soul?

An intersection of two stars aligned

would I know it in my bones?

I never truly felt your weight

and though we never met,

will I carry your heart

and know your face?

Will I somehow not forget?

Will the universe between

my hand and womb

unfold within my dreams?

Will your smile, your cry

your shadow feet, move through me

like streams?

And though I never knew your laugh

I hear it all the time.

For maybe one day our paths will cross

and I'll remember when you were mine.

(sending love to anyone experiencing this right now).

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