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Some Things I Know Part 3

Some Things I Know: Part 3

Don’t save their good clothes for special occasions, they grow too fast.

Don’t save your clothes for special occasions, you’ll wait too long.

You’ll also acquire lots of stripey clothes.

Maybe you do want another baby and maybe you don’t, maybe you just want to relive moments with the ones you already have.

You’ll complain about your neck a lot in the first few years. Your cheeks will hurt from smiling a lot in the first few years.

You’ll swipe through the exact same photo of your baby 100 times deleting none of them because they all look so different.

Kids are honest. Brutally, brutally honest.

You’ll somehow survive on no sleep, but the second you wake you’ll fantasise about sleep, what a sleep in would feel like, about when you’ll next go to sleep.

Breastfeeding is hard, then beautiful, then your boobs look like deflated water balloons and even your push-up bra is pleading for a little more to work with.

You’ll still google things after your third baby.

It goes so fast, but never while you’re in it. This is the cycle. Lessons come later, nostalgia comes after.

Some babies you need to be ten steps ahead with, and some you don’t. It has nothing to do with your temperament. (I’m looking at you with highly sensitive ones) and it does get easier.

Comparison is pointless, lists are essential, school emails you 100 times a day, and period undies are fine every day of the month.

Your family, your rules, your kid, their body, your body was their home, be kind to it, let them see that.

They change a bit when they start school, it’s hard to explain, but they do.

Babies don’t have Pinterest accounts, they’re cool with their room.

Read books at night instead of swiping through your phone.

Tell your child something you love about them for no reason, let them see you hug your partner, let them see you repair after you argue.

Going on a family road trip? Ready to get divorced and excited about your holiday all at once?

You have to listen to your instincts, that’s why drowning out the noise is important, so you can hear it.

No one is perfect. You’re human.

Let them see that too.

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