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Just to Let You Know

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Just to let you know,

I love looking at them, looking at you.

Their world.

You’re still mine you know, but I’ve made room. They are at my centre and they’re at yours too.

And I love you for that.

I love you for loving them more than anything.

I love how you open your arms wide to them, no matter what.

I love how they will run to you when they’ve made a mistake, not away.

I love how the whole house lights up when your car pulls in the driveway.

I love how they smell a bit like them and a bit like you after you’ve given them cuddles.

I love how you let them feel, let them be them, let me be me.

I love the man you were, but more so the man you became when you entered into fatherhood.

I don’t tell you often I know.

Life got busy didn’t it?

But I adore this life with you.

I adore us.

Just to let you know.

Words available on Etsy and for those with one child (his /her)

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