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Our Chair (If you're in the nursing chair a lot right now, this is for you)

I know we are here a lot mama, together in this chair but right now I don’t want to be anywhere but here

It’s warm, and it’s familiar, yet every moment is new little building blocks of the safety that is you

I won’t recall these memories these nights of you and me, how when I cry out again, and again it’s your beautiful face I see

But your soothing will be my song, your skin will be my home This belonging will always live in my heart even when I’m alone

Your voice shines through the darkness as you lift me to your embrace, my little hands search for you, as you wipe tears from my face

One day our nights won’t look like this, one day you’ll set me down I’ll never sleep on you again, with no chair to be found

The chair will become your arms, or the comfort of your smile The chair will become your voice on the phone that I've missed hearing for a while

So for now mama, please hold me close back and forth together, I may not remember our chair but I’ll carry these moments forever.

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