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My Shooting Star

Sweetheart, how I’ve searched

For a shooting star

To wish away the nights

Where sleep feels oh so far

I feel as if I’m fading

But I can hear you call

My heavy heart beats faster

As love comes stumbling down the hall

Is she a good baby?

Still echoes in my mind

Yes you are I’ll tell them

For the comfort in me you find

I know these nights are numbered

Your eyes they flutter closed

We envelope together

As you begin to softly doze

They tell me I should leave you

Just wait until tomorrow

But this journey won’t be ours.

When advice is simply borrowed

You won’t need me like this forever

But my forever you will be

So we’ll cover up in moonlight

Before it cradles you without me

And when the tunnel fades

When the light begins to shine

Your little head won’t rest on me

And we’ll sleep through the night

But right now in the dark

Though I long for sleep

The chapters in these moments

Is the only book I need

I look out to the sky

Then I look down at you

I don’t need a shooting star

To make a wish come true.


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