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Our Little Bubble

Oh my little girl.

These sleepless nights, in our little bubble.

While the world is heavy with so many worries.

Your only worry is a world in which I am not there.

Your piercing cries rip through the walls, I begin pulling on my robe as the layers of sleep fall off me.

Right here we are marooned on this island together, you floating, me sinking.

The new norm of me going to sleep with one eye open because breaking an early slumber is harder.

Even though you’re the reason I wake through the night,

You’re the reason I wake in the morning.

The reason my tank is empty

And the same reason it’s full.

In the late evening silence I wander down the hallway looking at both of your rooms.

The homes beating heart.

It’s beautiful because you’re safe here.

In these small breaks from you I still fill them with you.

Scrolling through photos of you,

thinking of you.

You are my reason for exhaustion

And you are also simply, my reason.

Being grateful doesn’t mean this will be easy.

The days and the nights are hard.

But we will get through it,

You and I.

In our little bubble.

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