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Parenting Through The Storms

The better parts of who we are have come from what was broken When a cyclone found the walls we built And blew them all wide open. And in my heart I grip this truth On any given instance This love we have that holds us close still sometimes feels long distance. The way your fire keeps me warm As my weary head lays to rest The ice begins to melt away that sits stubborn in my chest. And though our paths are tangled through the beauty and the pain They always come together In the magic and mundane I miss you a bit, sometimes a lot a feeling that still lingers When time was a diamond in our hands Now sand between our fingers. And even though we’re moving mountains It's like we’re barely walking And even though we speak a lot It’s like we’re hardly talking. I look at you and catch your eye Among chaos that is plenty And loved filled days, and tired ways And minutes that feel like twenty. For things that evolve in perfect conditions grow as you’d expect And in the storm the remarkable lies In the growth you can’t see yet. The words unsaid won’t always be And my touch not quite as hollow We learn how to breathe again at night To begin again tomorrow So when that cyclone comes for us And the light begins to fade We’ll hold on like we always do and sway, and sway, and sway.

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