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To The Mama's who bedshare

Late at night, little feet

shuffle across my dreams,

So I open my eyes

And reach out my arms

And pull you close to me.

We sway to the dance of musical beds

Sleep still a little broken

These versions of you

These versions of me

The loudest love unspoken.

I share my body, I share my heart

And now I share my bed

As you take up the space of all these things

As I gently stroke your head.

And though we’ve tried charts

Rewards and stickers

Your midnight face still shows

No other incentive worth it to you

Than the feeling of safety that grows.

Your final request, to scratch your back

As my fingers draw shapes over you

And when I roll over, I begin to smile

When you start to scratch my back too.

I long to stretch out, take up space on my pillow

Have my body no longer ache

But I also love being

the first to see

The sunlight wash over your face.

So I’ll surrender now, to those midnight calls

Before your hand lets go of mine

How else can you savour a moment more

when you don’t know if it’s the last time.

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