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Which Season Are You In?

We’re in the season of chaos

and later on we’ll see

that all those notes, high and low

made a melody

We’re in the season of tired

colour, mess, and toys

those separate notes that fill our days

are more like one big noise

We’re in the season of togetherness

touched out, loved up, and loud

an exhausted tangle of intimacy

and never being more proud

We’re in the season of emotions

holding them like treasure

wearing every single mood

and never predicting the weather

We’re in the season of 2am

school days, and fairy wings

juggling work, with nights like days

surrendering to all it brings

We’re in the season of pieces

wondering will it be forever?

They take your heart wherever they go

so you never feel put together

We’re in the season of constant

a mind ticking and brewing

remember when you were a human being

before a human doing?

We’re in the season of growth

of a time that’s suddenly been

watching their beautiful bloom

And also wishing for evergreen

We’re in the season of loving

and loving how they love too

the exquisite way you mould to them

how nothing’s felt more true

The season of leaning into your voice

and blocking out all the ‘shoulds’

fast and slow, high and low

the song of motherhood.

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