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Almost Two


You’re almost two

and I’m in two minds

Of this two fold approach

Leaving me in all kinds

“She’s growing up”

Better play by the rules

You’re almost two

Should enroll you in school

That two step toddle

Better get ready

To see it in strides

As you become steady

You’re almost two

You’re practically grown

Two birds of a feather

Before you have flown

Is it all too much?

Being almost two?

You’re “terrible” now

And should know what to do

No longer a baby

Independence, you’ve plenty

Off on your way

Two going on twenty

You’re almost two

I’ll admit ‘defeat’

For meeting your needs

On this two way street

Cuddles before bed?

Don’t give two straws

One stone, two birds

Cuddling you is no chore

“She’s almost two”

“She’s getting too old”

But my arms will lift you

As long as they hold

Here’s a thing or two,

Why grow you so fast?

My heart is in two

Knowing this won’t last

I’m in no rush

We’re two of a kind

So here’s my two cents

I’ll pay no mind

Two heads, as they say

Is better than one

So let’s lay them down

When the day is done

Let’s write our own manual

I’ll just enjoy you

Cos you’re pretty small

After all,

You’re not even two.

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