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When Mummy Was Your Name

The baby is crying

It’s 5am, and time to start the day

everything aches, it’s dark outside

and the kids want you to play.

Lunchboxes to take, appointments to make

you’ll remember, or you won’t

you’ll hold the baby in your arms

until one day you don’t.

The kids are fighting, your heads a mess

the house is never clean

computer is out with the baby monitor

you’re working with two screens.

You’re fuelling little bodies

while food goes flying from afar

You’ll wish that things were easier

And then one day they are.

Your body creaks like floorboards

someone always needs you now

You’re torn in all directions

as the day comes crashing down.

Cushioned bums, and full round tums

stains all down your top

at night you hear them call your name

and one day it will stop.

Fingerprints, and perfect hands

a house that is a home

sloppy kisses, knotty hair

growing, growing, grown.

Grubby faces, muddy shoes

and tiny little feet

you are the star of their show

and soon you’ll pull up a seat.

These exhausting little days are long

And this is how it goes

It’s messy, loud and full of love,

as fast as it is slow

You wish for things to hurry up

and also stay the same

You hold on to these moments

And also wish for change.

And look back, like all mothers do

When ‘mummy’ was your name.

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