• Jessica Urlichs

Darling Dreamer

Darling dreamer

If only you knew,

there’s many more colours

than the playground you knew

of the swings that met stars

In red yellow and blue.

Now apricot sunrise

or quiet dark shadows.

Don’t open those eyes

to be met with arrows.

All children of mothers

can feel small too

with trembling limbs

so perfectly new

and so perfectly made.

I hope you don’t listen

When they say,

What you’re not

What you are

What you’re given.

Those hands will grow

as magic is made.

It’s all so new

and I know you’re afraid.

Darling dreamer,

your dream has come true

it can be in your arms

as you dream for more too.

If only you knew,

Mama, these words are for you.

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