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Dear Little One

Dear little one,

When I look at you,

I see him,

when the sun splashes across the walls of your room in the morning and pulls the hazel from your eyes.

I see me,

When you look at me from the side, that cheeky grin framed with ringlets, a faded photograph brought to life.

I see him,

Those lips of yours, they’re not mine, and when you smile I melt because I’m taken to a place that’s entirely new and familiar all at once, the only way I could describe love.

I see me,

When you perform and put on your fairy wings and leap across the room. You’re making sure I’m watching you and I catch myself wondering when that sparkle fades. Thank you for bringing mine back.

I see him,

Your calm nature and the way you observe. I’m quick to say your stubborn ways are him too, but I know it’s probably me, in fact, I love your strong will.

I see me, the way you throw back your head and laugh, the shape of your nose, the shape of your chin, but the shape of your future, that will always be yours.

Because you’re not me.

Or him.

You’re you.

The reason I see us when I look at you,

Is you are my hopes and dreams.

You are the love that gets me through.

You are the reflection in my eyes.

Dear little one,

There will be glimpses of us in you,

But it’s you I will forever see,

when I look at me.

Words: @jessurlichs_writer written for the amazing @mumliapp ❤️❤️

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