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  • Jessica Urlichs

For You I Would Do Anything

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

I won’t always be your everything

But for you, I would do anything.

I’ll climb the highest mountain

If you were on the other side

But for now I’ll lay here with you

For another sleepless night.

I’ll be your music maker

Right from the very start

The one who sings your language

Who knows you off by heart.

I’ll be your open book

We will write in it together

With pages left unnumbered

So our story lasts forever.

For you I can be magic

Though your spell on me is best

How you can be right there

And the drum beat in my chest.

I’ll always be your strength

When I’m tired more than ever

I‘ll stare at you for hours

Like my eyes are finding treasure.

I’ll be your address

Even when you’re old and grown

I’ll hold on to your worries

As if they were my own.

For you I’d walk through fire

A pain I won’t forget

I’ve done it once before

The moment that we met.

I promise I’ll stop rushing

For you I’ll change my pace

Nothing will be perfect

But your ever changing face.

I’ll be the one who loves you

As far as the eye can see

I’ll try and teach you what I know

But it’s you that will teach me.

For you I’ll be the stars

For you I’ll be the moon

But mostly I’ll be me

Like I was handpicked for you.

I won’t always get it right

I won’t always be your everything

But I’ll always be your mum

And for you, I would do anything.

Words: @jessurlichs_writer

Art: @chloe_trayhurn_art


Words available on Etsy for print

Available in poetry book 'My After All'

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