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I may not buy you gifts today

Or think to send you flowers

But I know your shoulder better than mine

And we've laughed and talked for hours

I don't see you quite as often now

But I always think of you

Though you and I don't share a roof

You're still my family too

And time has stolen the details a bit

But with you, I’m an open book

And even when there are no words

You 'get it' with just a look

You’re not the one who holds my hand

Or the one I greet at the door

But your hands have held my broken heart

And you've picked me up off the floor

We've sat in summer daisies

And the blades of winter rain

It's not a romance novel

But, a love letter in a way

And as it grows it strengthens

Even distance holds us close

And when I have news, important or not

You come to mind the most

A cannot-be-without-you love

To the earth and its ends

So every year this day rolls around

I think about my friends.

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