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Happy Mother's Day (for yesterday & today) and every day xx

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

To the mother who is new, who is up and down all night.

To the mother whose heart is full, but with empty rooms now.

To the mother who cried today and wonders if she is enough.

To the exhausted mother who doesn’t know how to answer, “What did you do today?”

To the mother who stays at home.

To the mother who works and juggles so many balls.

To the mother who stares at her child in awe, who still can’t believe.

To the mother currently tearing her hair out.

To the mothers that are no longer with us, but always will be.

To the mothers who lift each other up.

To the mothers who show up every day.

To you.

Place value on the work you do.

When the days feel difficult, that’s because they are.

This is the hardest yet most rewarding job in the world.

You’re not just a person.

You’re a place.

You’re someone’s home.

You are a mother.

Happy Mother’s Day (every day)


Print the poem here

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