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He's Not Naughty, He is Having a Hard Time

He is not “naughty”

He is having a hard time.

He is not too sensitive

He is deep feeling.

He is not intense

He feels things intensely.

He is not over the top

He is overstimulated.

He is not “different”

He just sees things differently

(And I smile differently because of it).

He is not apprehensive

He is aware.

He is a beautiful soul who is often misunderstood, it’s my job to understand him the best I can, and help him understand himself. And in some way I always have understood, even in those newborn days, I just knew. ✨

He doesn’t need to change or “fit in”, sure I’ve had social outings where I’ve wished things would be easier.

But what would that look like? Who would he be then? What is normal?

I wouldn’t have this little boy sitting on my lap smiling at the words “I love you”.

Yes it’s been hard, A lot of it has been hard.

Yes there’s been lots of tears.

But the joy?

The laughter?

The love?

There is nothing like it, and I’d never change a thing.

He’s just a little boy who chose a Mummy who always wondered if she was enough… he has taught me that I am.

Because of his superpowers.

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