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Here's to the close friends... you know the ones...

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

I’m so grateful for my close friends,

you know the ones.

The ones who stand by you no matter what.

Who didn’t drift away after you had children.

The ones who say, “don’t judge me….” before launching into something because they know you won’t. Or say, “this might be TMI… “ but they know nothing is too much information for you.

The ones you can hang out with in your dressing gowns, in their messy lounge, chat to as they’re hanging out the washing.

The ones who laugh until they cry with you, and cry until they laugh with you.

The ones who tell you about a chin hair they found and you tell them about your random neck hair and then snort laugh about it over a glass of wine.

The ones who get it when you want to talk about your kids, and the ones who get it when you don’t.

The ones you can be vulnerable with.

The ones who say “I’m here”, and mean it, and when you leave their company you can’t explain it but you just feel better.

The ones you can say totally inappropriate things with and your husband’s just know this is what you’re like around each other.

The ones who love your children, who revel in your happiness, who give it to you straight.

The ones who have their own things going on but still check in on you, as you do for them.

The ones who open the door into their authentic life for you because they trust you with it.

The real ones.

I needed them before kids but wow am I even more grateful for them now.

Because things change,

but the friendship never does.

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