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An Open Letter To My Children

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

I want to apologise for the way the world will treat you sometimes.

It won’t always see your worth.

But I have always looked at you as though you’ve brought the sun, an endless shine you will recognise one day, in someone else’s eyes.

I hope you remember your worth.

It won’t always treat you with kindness.

But you’ve rested in tired arms, shoulders have dried your tears and your little hands have held your brothers face.

I hope your kindness holds you together, even when you break.

It won’t always believe you were made for what you love.

But if you love it, you can make it your own, wear what you want, dance when you like, sing with your heart.

I hope you remember what it felt like to be encouraged.

It won’t always let you feel.

But don’t let it harden your heart, caring isn’t weakness. Strength is found in the touch of a hand, the tears of a friend, strength is found in truth, however it looks.

I hope you remember love is honest.

It won’t always let you be content.

There will always be something bigger, something better, something newer. Don’t let it fool you into thinking happiness is a destination and not the short time the blossom blooms.

I hope you saw me smile, I hope we noticed enough flowers along the way.

It won’t always let you win.

Because that’s life. There will be losses, there will be battles. Sometimes the biggest battle is learning when to walk away.

I know it hurts leaving things behind.

I hope you remember what’s meant for you will stay.

It won’t always be so forgiving.

Society will feel like one big puzzle piece begging you to fit in.

But things change, today’s picture will be different tomorrow, your edges will move and you will grow.

I hope you remember you belong, from the moment I started growing you.

And the world will seem backwards at times, it will anger you & scare you. But I hope you still see the beauty through it all, and how many beautiful souls are in it.

I apologise for the way it will treat you, because your pain is mine. But I will loosen my grip in time, I will let my world go.

And I hope, if I’m lucky, you will share your world with me.


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