• Jessica Urlichs

I Loved You Long Before I Met You

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

I held you long before my arms did, in my dreams and thoughts. I whispered to you the lullabies that would later send you off to sleep.

I knew you long before I met you, I would talk of your personality made up of elbows and knees, “ready to keep me on my toes”, I would say.

I loved you long before I saw you, tracing black and white prints of your lips, knowing soon enough I’d be kissing them with my own.

I heard you long before your cry into the world. That first heart beat, the one that echoed love and relief, a quick rhythm that made time slow down.

I wanted you long before I needed you, as I sat there willing tests to show me the lines that would change my life.

I felt you long before I touched you, the stretches of my belly proudly growing you. The pain that sometimes comes with being made of eachother, the worry, that I couldn’t be without you now.

I shared with you my heart before you’d steal it completely. I’ve shared stories, ones of how I met your father, books already sitting on your shelf. I’ve shared unspoken emotions with you that I know you can feel.

I’ve shared my body, I am your land and you are my guide.

When it’s dark at night I wonder, will it be tonight?

I’m nervous

There’s so much I don’t know.

But I know I love you.

I’m ready

when you are.

See you soon,

love, Mum.

Written for Dockatot

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