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I'm At The 'I Hate My Husband' Stage...

I’m in the I hate my husband stage…

Not really. I love him a lot.

But I’m in that stage of postpartum, well my postpartum anyway.

When the latch is happening and he tries to talk to me, watch out mate.

When he asks me something I’ve told him more than once (and even if I haven’t) oooo better run.

When he tries and fails to settle her and then says “babe I think she’s hungry”, don’t mind if I do curse his entire existence.

When he says “she just wants you Jess” in a helpless tone, I want to throw a nappy at his head.

When he’s snoring away with his decorative nipples, best believe I will wake him to tell him that he’s snoring AGAIN.

When I have to repeat myself more than once, and try to stop myself from shouting the third time.

When he encourages me.

Just don’t.

Honestly I thought it was just me with a little side of rage in the fourth trimester towards their partner (until I posted about this on my stories… WOW) I’m not alone.

It’s rough I know because he’s tired too, course he is, he is helping with the other two as much as he can and I know at times he feels helpless to help me.

Here are some ways to help us:

Nappy changes

Taking photos (not while we’re wincing)

Treats and cuppas

Being proactive

At least attempt to settle the baby

Listening to what we are saying, truly listening, that means not looking at your phone.

Don’t take it personally… our bodies are sore and a bit broken, our hormones are everywhere. We have just spent 9 months growing a human, a gruelling time birthing them, and a testing time learning to feed them all on no sleep.

We don’t hate you, we love you, truly.

But also don’t touch me. 😂

Side note: Is this just limited to the fourth trimester?

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