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I Want You To Stay Little

I want you to stay little.

And I want you to grow.

And I want to remember your song, drifting down the hallway.

Even the one at night.

Accompanied by the pitter patter of feet before I lift you into our bed.

And when I need a moment.

I’ll still keep you near, before this moment disappears.

So stay little will you?

But please grow and grow.

So one day I may rest my head on your chest instead.

I wonder what that will be like,

How that could even be possible when right now we play ice cream trucks,

and your bottom lip still drops.

Will I remember the days I stood up even when I fell short?

Will I remember how hard and beautiful they were?

Can you stay little a bit longer?

But I love watching you grow.

Yes you can help me with the washing,

It’s OK you dropped it, let’s dust it off.

Yes you are a great helper, more than you’ll ever know.

I’ll read that book again and again, and again.

I’ll watch the expressions you make before you’re able to choose them.

I’ve never smiled in the morning so much until we met.

And you can walk with me before our path splits in two.

You can hold my hand before you let it go.

I’ll always remember you this little.

But I can’t wait to watch you grow.

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