• Jessica Urlichs

'Just A Minute' Poem

He asks me to watch how fast he can run How high he can jump, “did you see that mum?” “Just a minute”, I say - “I’m almost done”.

He asks me to listen while he hums a tune Just a second, I say - “I’ll be there soon”

He asks me to play, as I turn away, I have things to do, and don’t have all day. “Hold on a moment”, he hears me say.

He asks me to look at a picture he drew I say I will soon, but I’ve things to do.

For his world is in colour, a work of art. An invite he offers into his heart. But there’s something unfinished. Always something to start.

I will never be done There will always be more The dust will still settle on some endless chore

And the running, the jumping, the “mummy watch this”. Will I remember it only as something I missed? Too busy with crossing things off my list?

Let’s sit for a while, let’s take some time. Pull me into your world, Let me step out of mine.

He soars around, his arms are wings And I finally learn that we need the same things. In this season, and all that it brings.

A boy and his mother, Just seeing each other.


Etsy poem for print available here (him and her versions available)

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