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Just You Wait and See

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

“Just you wait and see”.

You’ll hear those words a bit mama, in fact you probably already have.

You’ll be reminded that if you think you’re tired now,

Just you wait and see.

If you think you’re sore now,

Just you wait and see.

If you think you’re busy now,

Just you wait and see.

There’s so much you’ll be told and a lot of it is true, but there’s so much they don’t say too.

They’ll tell you the birth is painful, but did they tell you about your strength? The strength you always had that could bring a life into this world and shortly after leave you breathless?

They’ll tell you it’s the most rewarding job in the world, but did they tell you they felt lonely some days? That some days a rain cloud followed them around and they mourned for more than dishes, washing and burp cloths. You’ll wonder how this can be so hard when loving them comes so easy?

They’ll tell you that you’ll lose yourself in motherhood, but did they tell you to stop looking for her? It’s still you, just a new version, reborn as a mother. She is coming to find you, so stand still for a moment.

They’ll tell you of how fast they grow and it’s true. One minute you’re their whole world, the next they’re venturing down the hallway and room by room it becomes bigger. It’s sad when they leave versions of themselves behind, but be proud mama, they’re going places!

They’ll tell you they hope you have a good baby, one who sleeps through the night, maybe you’ll be lucky? But did they tell you to just surrender? The pain of fatigue is haunting but they need you right now. It’s not because you didn’t follow some schedule, it’s because you’re their home, they are all good babies.

They’ll tell you about the worry and the guilt, how some days it’ll consume you. But did they tell you Mum guilt seeks out the good Mums? The ones who have so much love they are winded by it? Mum guilt will lie to you, so remember, you are enough, you are more than enough.

They’ll tell you about that first smile, about how precious that moment would be. But did they tell you it happens when you need it the most? The fourth trimester can be tough, but almost as if planned that smile will save you.

They’ll tell you it’s a strain on your relationship and it can be, it’s not easy. But did they tell you that it won’t always be this way? One day you’ll have your nights back again , the house will be clean and the rooms will be silent and your heart will be in pieces because of it.

It’s a beautiful bumpy road where the best isn’t just yet to come.

The best is yesterday, today and tomorrow.

That’s motherhood.

And it’s magic.

Just you wait and see.

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