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Love At First Sight

We sat there waiting


Holding hands

Making plans



Making a nest

Being told by everyone,

I need to rest

And then it began

We’re holding hands

Again, but this time in pain

I feel crippled, yet strong

You’re placed in my trembling arms

Where you belong

I am awakened

Like never before

Cracked open with wounds

Exposed and raw

My eyes are twinkling

Blinking, leaking.

As they trace your face

Taking in every little bit

I don’t know what to say

So I whisper, “I did it”.


Here comes the rush of love

And uncertainty

As I come apart

That one people talk about

A work of art.

Listening to your little noises

The tiny squawks

The little yawns

Wondering how I could possibly

ever be without them,

how I was before.

Though we will sit in shadows

We will come out the other side.

I’ll always show up for you

Even when I want to run and hide.

This journey will be a game of peek a boo,

I tell you.

Together we will find each other

One day at a time.

The room is quiet now

Husband snoring away in the chair

It’s like it’s only you and I here

I kiss your forehead

And we fall asleep

Artwork: Truly Elke

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