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Mama, You're Beautiful

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

I see you Mama, and something about you has changed.

I don't think I've ever seen you more beautiful.

You may have forgotten this amongst the throes of motherhood and find it hard to see it through the blur of these early days, but I see you.

Your hair may not be blow-waved like it used to be, but now it’s a crown above your head, messy and perfectly imperfect.

Your hands seem different, they may not be as manicured, but they're warm and comforting. They’re stronger, as they hold the world and the touch of those fingertips are someones world.

Yes your heart aches, but it's never stretched and been so swollen before with love, so of course it will ache sometimes.

You've always carried yourself well, but now you seem more womanly, stronger, yet beautifully vulnerable.

Your eyes are begging to see some darkness for more than a couple of hours at a time, I know you’re tired, but they still shine.

Your body may feel different, but under those baggy clothes is the greatest gift to you and to what you've created. It nurtures, it bends and breaks, it's resilient, it's exceptional.

You may be feeling lonely at times, or tired of being at home, but you truly look beautiful here, like all of a sudden home has a new meaning.

You, are someone’s home.

Your smile has changed, it's now one that knows things, secrets of contentment. There’s not as much energy behind it right now, but it’s never been so pure.

The way you sit there, holding your baby like it's an extension of yourself, a natural, I've never seen anything so perfect.

I'm so proud of you and how amazing you are.

Mama, you're beautiful.


Poem published in book 'From One Mom to a Mother'

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