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  • Jessica Urlichs

May He Always Know (an ode to my son)

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May He Always Know

Dear little boy,

you have not journeyed far

but these things I will tell you,

you already are.

Just some small reminders

to follow your dreams,

to continue being strong,

and what strength truly means.

Strength doesn’t always

come from the loudest,

the one who talks most,

the one who’s the proudest.

Strength can be quiet,

pride knows how to listen,

creates beauty from shadows

and not just things that glisten.

Strength can be dancing,

or running a mile,

lending a hand,

or sharing a smile.

It’s also about giving,

for some will just take

You have courage little one,

let it mend things that break.

Strength is in showing

how to lead from your heart,

and sometimes my boy

it will set you apart.

Your friends should uplift you,

you always have a choice,

to stay, or walk away

let your heart be your voice.

Strength can be your body

Strength can be your mind

You can lift heavy things,

and be gentle and kind.

Strength is in loving

it is letting yourself feel

Tears are strength too,

it allows us to heal.

Let the sun touch your face,

let art run through your veins

It’s ok to be fearful

It’s ok to feel pain.

You are brave, you are bold,

may you shine, may you grow.

With the strongest of hearts,

may you always know.

Strength can be many things,

though you’ve not journeyed far,

I will always love you

for exactly who you are.

Jessica Urlichs

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