• Jessica Urlichs

May She Always Know (an ode to my daughter)

Updated: Sep 23

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I want my daughter

to know her own strength,

to know love without borders,

and dream at great length.

I hope she is brave,

and I hope she reads books,

when people say she’s pretty -

she’ll know it’s more than her looks.

For she’s pretty smart,

and she’s pretty kind.

May she be heard for her voice,

and seen for her mind.

As she grows into a woman

I hope she stands strong.

For some will try knock her,

but I hope she holds on.

Because her power is great,

and cannot be measured.

Her passion and vulnerability

should always be treasured.

May she know the difference

between right and wrong,

not because of some rules,

but what is in her heart’s song.

May she question the narrative,

make choices, speak clear.

May she never repeat herself

out of doubt or fear.

May she strive for big things

in a world that screams thin,

just as a man’s size does not define him.

I hope she sticks up for those who need it,

herself included, I hope she believes it.

May no one dim her light,

May it shine

May it grow

What a force that she is.

May she always know.

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