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Missing: Brain

I left my brain somewhere in the house I think,

tucked away in the unmade sheets,

maybe it’s by the to do list or at the beeping washing machine.

I might have left it at the grocery store or in the tower of bowls of swimming cereal ,

or it’s in the car with the empty tank of fuel.

Or the emails I need to unsubscribe to but it’s so much faster to delete them.

I’d say it’s in the abyss, with that word I’m trying to find,

I know it,

what is it. IRONY.

I’ve checked the drawers of clothes that need upsizing

and I’ve looked through the overgrown garden,

hoping for a glimmer like a lost earring.

It’s probably in the past or future,

hoping one day it will show up in the present.

Or maybe it’s still between the lines of that article,

hiding under guilt from forgotten anniversaries, appointments, myself yes I’ve forgotten myself a bit.

It should show up soon, this is embarrassing.

Or perhaps momentarily it went away, the second my heart had more to say.

I don’t think so though, it’s a nice thought anyway.

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