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Motherhood is a blessing, but I'm tired

Motherhood is a blessing, you must be so fulfilled.

But surely you want more than this? When are you going back to work? So you’re JUST a Mum? When are you having another?

Sleep when the baby sleeps, put them down drowsy, no not that drowsy, oh look now they’re awake. Keep them close, oh, are you co sleeping?

Trust in your instincts, you know them better than anyone. Don’t listen to all the noise.

But did you read the baby books? Are they a good baby? I hope you didn’t make eye contact with them in the night.

You don’t need all the bells and whistles honestly, parents have been doing this for years without all the gadgets.

But actually you do. Go on Pinterest, you literally need everything. If the aesthetics aren’t perfect your baby will never forgive you.

Your postpartum body is beautiful, just look at what you’ve done, you’ve birthed life.

But please bounce back, fit in, tuck it in, hide it, pretend that this is not real life.

Take it slow, heal, learn the ways of each other.

Sweep the mess out of the photos though, smile, always smile.

Mums mental health matters.

But you must put everyone else before you, be selfless, you’re a mother now, you come last.

Be honest, talk about the high’s and lows, this is motherhood after all.

Don’t you know how lucky you are? Be grateful. Love every minute, I did, I was never stressed, not once.

It doesn’t matter how you birthed or fed your baby.

Yes it does, it will go on their CV.

If routine works for you then you do you.

“she really lets nap times rule her life” (says well-meaning friend with no kids).

There’s no right or wrong, embrace it, believe in yourself, you have got this.

But click ‘subscribe here’ to find out how to do it RIGHT.

Motherhood is a blessing, you must be so fulfilled.

I am, but I’m tired.

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