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Mother's Skin

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

We may not love the skin we’re in postpartum

But they do.

We may see the scars and stripes of repair.

But they don’t.

We hang onto the looseness, cry over the leakage and break ourselves over what we ‘should be’.

But they know of no comparison, only the you of yesterday and the you of today.

This magic skin grew them from within.

It encased the body that nourished them for all those months, the heart that physically grew bigger to accommodate the increased blood volume.

It stretched with them and broke and healed.

It was the first skin they knew, the one that smelt of contentment in their first introduction to the scary outside world.

This skin will continue to be that comfort throughout life, in so many ways.

Its ok to not love it completely and miss the body we had before.

It’s ok to not see ourselves through their eyes.

But if we want them to love the skin they’re in, we need to find peace in our own.

Embrace this new kind of beauty.

The real kind.

The one we need to talk about more.


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