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My Absolute Favourite

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

People sometimes ask of my favourite days.

And I think of you being placed in my arms.

So small and new with those perfect wrinkles.

Those little cries I didn’t yet recognise.

At times I needed holding too, but oh, how I loved holding you.

Never had I felt so complete on empty.

Those slow motion days now harder to glimpse.

You are the sun to my rise,

as I think back to my favourite days.

And then I wasn’t supporting your neck anymore.

You were bouncing round on my hip instead.

Suddenly you were crawling and so was I,

discovering your new view with you and all you would get into.

You wore your personality with pride and as your confidence grew so did mine.

My heart was open and you filled it up.

You are the softness to my edges,

as I think back to my favourite days.

And then you were standing and I was standing a little taller too.

Growing into myself with you.

You were the chaos that gave me life.

As you took your first wobbly step you looked at me.

‘Is This OK’? you asked with your eyes.

‘It’s OK’ I nodded back.

And off you went.

I’d do anything for you.

You are the piece to my puzzle,

as I think back to my favourite days.

And now you’re growing into those bloated cheeks, a little boy before my eyes.

I think of the way your hand fits in mine.

The way you say, “I love you Mummy”.

You are the beat to my heart.

We’re lying on your bedroom floor and you’re soaring your toy car in the air.

“It’s REALLY fast Mummy, it’s my favourite car”

I look at you and tell you it’s my favourite too.

My absolute favourite.

Artwork: The Art Mama

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