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My After All

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

I’m beginning to think

You may be the last

I want it to slow

But it’s going so fast

Never say never

But I think it is true

The last babble and crawl

Will be with you

These ‘lasts’ feel quite different

As I loosen my grip

On the milestones we pass

On this one way trip

See as hard as it is

Some days where I sink

I could do it again

But we won’t, I don’t think

How can you be done

With a love at the start

That has no end

That opens your heart

The last time you happily

Sat on my hip

Fell asleep in my arms

Wore your last bib

See some of these lasts

I can’t quite pin down

You won’t lie here with me

The way you do now

Though it was yesterday

It’ll feel like a while

Since I heard a first word

Or saw a first smile

No you weren’t my first

But I was your first love

And for you I’ve slowed down

For you, I’ve become

My heart was full

But you made it expand

I grew the most

When you took my hand

I guess I’m worried

That I won’t remember

But who could forget

The final love letter

Yes there’s goodbyes

Times unforgiving

But I know in my heart

This is just the beginning

I’ll hold you longer

So I can recall

You are not the last

But, my after all


Printable poem available here

Published in poetry book 'My After All'

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