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My Issue with Mess

Mess triggers me big time.

I know that.

It always has.

Having a clean area is a sense of control for me.

I know that too.

So having kids was a nice little reality check, because mess became life. If I see mess, my head is a mess, but I don’t pick up after them all day either because that would literally be all I did.

Yes it’s ‘fun’, it means they have played, and let’s be honest, it’s sweet to say things like “a messy house means they’ve explored today”.

But if you’re like me, it actually brings on anxiety and over stimulation.

I bake with them sometimes, let them “do the dishes”, I’ve even occasionally been known to get out the paints (cue flustered racing brain).

I’ve culled their toys, yet they still manage to pull out every single item of clothing in their drawers or item of cutlery from the kitchen.

I get them outside too, I actually get them out of the house as often as my sanity can allow for the antics of a 2 and 3 year old. But the mess is waiting. That’s life.

Harry asked me if I could put on the TV, I said “no” in my efforts to reduce screen time massively so I got out the blocks, then we moved onto the play dough, then the puzzles.

Then they had some jelly and I watched as Holly ate it with her hands and smeared it on her face and down it fell into the cracks of the highchair.

I’d love to end it with a cute “and it was so worth it”.

But inside my head was a pile up of mess number 1, 2 and 3 and dishes and vacuuming and wait, wait..., where are you taking those sticky hands?!?

Yes those things can wait, but it takes extra effort to not worry about those things when mess overwhelms and triggers you. It’s a real thing!

I see you, and we are NOT OK 😅

It’s probably not cool to be this Mum.

But I hate mess.

I always will.

Do I live with it?

Of course I do.

Do I handle it?


Have I embraced it?


Is that a thing?

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