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My Resume

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Sorry I’m late,

I should have updated my CV!

What have I been doing

On this two yearly degree?

Well, I’ve done some nursing

I’ve done some juggling too

I’m also good at herding cats

with feeding time at the zoo

And I’m quite the illusionist

With peek-a-boo.

I’m a great nursery rhyme singer

Thinking of joining a choir

And sometimes at night

I’m a human pacifier

But don’t put that last part down

Cos’ that would be weird.

Im a researcher and an analyst

I work through many problems

I can handle all sorts of challenges

Throw them at me, I’ll solve them.

I’m an experienced hygienist

Nightly baths are my profession

Oh no I’m not talking about myself

Sorry, what was your question?

I’ve had some work place injuries

Someone called it a ‘rod for my back’

But somehow I survived

With endurance and not giving a crap.

I’m also an event planner

I’m a taxi and a chef

A stylist and a story teller

And a great cleaner of mess.

I’m a director and a producer

And let me just recap

References during lunch is out

My boss will be taking a nap.

I’m a teacher and a student

Sometimes that line is blurred

I’m a mediator and a builder

And I translate words

What language you ask?

Oh you wouldn’t have heard.

I’m a heavy weight champion

A bodyguard, a judge

A chemist and a life coach

And I don’t hold a grudge.

What do I do in my spare time?

I go for walks round the street

Looking like utter ass

Muttering “please go to sleep”.


What are my key attributes?

Well I’m braver now and stronger

I’m confident in my choices

I can push myself a little longer.

I’m a multitasker, a sleep consultant

And by that, I mean a hammock.

I love taking photos of my family

That look more like national geographic.


I’m a financial planner, a shift worker

An impressionist, an assistant

An inspector, and a detector

No day is ever consistent.

I’m also quite the tour guide

And pretty good I’m told

I know I only have two arms

But you should see how much I can hold.


My weakness is I guess

I feel everything 10 x more

Since becoming someone’s home

I’m different than before.


My last salary for all this work?

No, I didn’t charge a fee

It’s the greatest ‘job’ I ever had

I’d do it all again for free.


Poem published in poetry book 'From One Mom to a Mother'

Artwork Credit: Common Wild

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