• Jessica Urlichs

Not So Terrible

I know a lot is of expected of me

But I’m not really sure why.

I can see that it upsets you when it all gets too much.

But these feelings of mine are so big.

I don’t know what to do with them yet.

Can you show me?

Can you be there for me?

I’m trying to keep up,

But I don’t know how yet.

I still can’t do the things my older brother can.

It’s all so new, every experience, every day, and I’m taking it all in,

it’s a lot.

I’m pushing the boundaries you say, but I am learning, even if you don’t think I am.

I’m watching you,

I’m learning through you.

I really wish you would listen

But I don’t know how to communicate it all yet.

So I cry, I stomp my feet, I make a scene.

Everyone was small once, just like me.

Will I forget that one day too?

I know they’re staring, I don’t care.

I’m overwhelmed, and I’d love a cuddle.

I don’t understand when you tell me to stop crying.

Please let me.

Because I was set up to feel.

So don’t set me up to fail.

Just keep giving your love and encouragement.

Thank you for being patient, and even when you aren’t,

I know you’re human too.

Just like me.

Maybe it’s frustrating for you.

It’s frustrating for me too.

Thanks for not rushing me.

For understanding.

For remembering just how small I am.

For being the safest place I’ve known.

And remembering I’m not so terrible,

And that I’m only two.

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