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Maybe right now, darling You feel a bit between A little in the middle A tiny bit unseen.

You’ve always been the youngest You’ve looked up to your brother And now when you look down There’s suddenly another.

Here’s what you need to know, my love Although we’re rearranged You may not be the smallest But my love for you hasn’t changed.

You’ve grown up overnight it seems It’s hard on you I know You may have to curl to fit on my lap But these arms, you won’t outgrow.

I remember it like it was yesterday The moment I first saw you I fell head first, for a second time With a confidence so new.

It was you my love, that gave me A patience, and a roar Motherhood took her hand in mine Differently than before.

Life was busy, slow and fast It was hard juggling you two And now we have another I know I can do it, because of you.

At the moment, it may seem my arms are tired and full I promise these arms are strong enough And there’s room here for you all.

So let me pick you up again In only the way we mould My darling, I’ll always carry you For that, you are never too old.

It’s such a special role you see Not just anyone could do For you are a big sister now Someone looks up to you.

Watching you together It makes my heart just burst They may call you the middle child But to me, you all come first.

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