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Random Motherhood Musings

I think right now we’re at my favourite stage, well so far anyway.

I love babies sure, but I prefer this age.

I feel more me again and they are growing further into their personalities and it’s so beautiful to see.

People warned me about 2 and 3... and I think I’m accustomed to how difficult some days can be, but so far it’s been the most enjoyable (true story).

I enjoy the conversations that now don’t feel quite so one sided.

I enjoy how close they are in age (it was hard in the beginning)

I enjoy the back and forth play and the little stories they tell me.

I’ve spent a long time chasing happiness in my life.

Whereas last night we all sat at the big dinner table together and Harry started telling me how much he likes peppers (capsicums) so I wondered where he’d heard that and why he even brought it up... we weren’t eating them. Kids huh.

And Holly started singing some new song she learnt at kindy.

And they ate, they actually ate their food.

Drew was being a dork across the table, we really are just two kids with kids.

And suddenly I realised how happy I actually was.

I still get these sudden flashbacks of Drew and I, our young faces, beaches, planes, adventures in the background.

And I felt so grateful that we were sitting here just doing this.

I’ve always thought happiness was a destination but I think it’s just a collection of beautiful moments.

I hope when I’m old and grey, the little moments that I got lost in will be the memories that I will find.

No matter how simple they seem.

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