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Random Parenting Things.... (a little fun read)

Cutting food into shapes somehow makes it taste better.

Every song on the radio now has swear words.

You’ll be caught red handed throwing away their artwork (aka a line on a piece of paper).

If the kids go to bed later, they won’t get up later.

If the kids go to bed earlier, they will get up earlier.

Connection over discipline does work, it’s the reparenting around it that’s hard.

Bluey is everything.

Taylor Swift is the best lullaby.

Lessons are meant to be learnt after & you won’t enjoy every minute just because someone tells you to.

You’ll hear “I’m finiiiished” multiple times a day from the toilet.

You’ll wonder where your partner is and he’ll be on the toilet.

Everyone likes to conversate around you on the toilet.

Always pick the bananus off the banana, if it’s bruised hand it over with your hand covering the bruise. If it breaks you’re getting a new banana.

There’s no award for whose kid grows up the fastest.

People will always have opinions, but you’re meant to do your best, not theirs.






When mum guilt creeps in, ask yourself did someone smile today, was someone loved?

Not everyone’s doing everything, social media just makes it seem that way.

Store old toys away and bring them back out a couple of months later, voila, brand new.

Take the photo, and don’t critique yourself, they’re listening.

Colours are for everyone.

It’s ok if you want time away from your kids, you’re a mother, but you’re also a human.

Let their rooms be colourful, let them pick their clothes.

Some things can wait, others won’t.

I’m convinced courier drivers have seen everything.

I’m convinced my neighbours have heard everything.

Play doctors when you need a break, be the patient.

Realise bribery is not the way, then cancel Christmas multiple times.

Nothing will humble you more than talking about a good nights sleep.

Dancing now involves musical beds.

Your dance moves seem awkward now anyway.

You’ll never regret holding them “too much”.

Forgive yourself.


Watch how your eldest comforts your youngest, realise you’ve done something right. Realise you’ve done so much right.


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