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Hours after I gave birth I lay there holding my sleeping baby in bed and I said to my mother, in awe, that I couldn’t believe that women did this every day.

About how utterly incredible the female body is, how strong we are within.

She stared at me nodding with tears in her eyes.

I remember thinking about how I came into this world, scared, naked, gasping for air.

The same day my baby did.

The same way he did.

But me, reborn as a mother.

A different existence entirely.

I was me, but softer, less sure, more needed than ever before.

The moment he arrived the world seemed different.





And then I fell in love.

Then I believed.

Then suddenly my world was in my arms.

And it frightened me and calmed me all at once.

I had changed in an instant.

The day he was born, I was too.

Beautiful artwork: Maniacodamore

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