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Stay At Home Mum

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Stay at Home Mum

The house is a mess

My clothes are old

The chores are endless

As the day unfolds

Guilt is a feeling

I’ve grown to know

It follows me daily

Like a dismal shadow

Aches and pains

and all the strains

Bending and lifting

and playing games

Stay at home mum

Won’t that be fun

Finger painting and Netflix

and one on one

“No more work for you”, they’d say

“Free to relax and play all day”

Naive is a word

Not a strong enough fit

To describe this exhaustion

That fills every bit

My back is sore

My hands are dry

My lunch will be crusts

My outlet, a cry

I’m working on forgiveness

I’m working on myself

I’m trying to locate her

high up on a shelf

I’m in the best company

But still I feel lonely

These windows grew bars

For somewhere so homely

I’m juggling many balls

But that’s not the worst

Ones about to drop

Which one will fall first

I hate asking for help

Don’t you see, I can do this

But I need it some days

When it all feels so useless

Resentment and woes

The highs and the lows

Unconditional love

and that’s how it goes

Feelings drifting

So hard to pin down

Some days you win

Others you drown

Yes I am lucky

I love them to bits

and I’d do it again

Every day for these kids

They’ve helped me slow down

They’ve taught me to say No

They’re teaching me daily

about how I can grow.

I’m better because of them

I’ll continue to be

A love like no other

As they are for me

We’re stay at home Mums

We’re bloody strong

So we keep on

Keeping on.

Poem published in Poetry book 'From One Mom to a Mother'.

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