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Stop Being Busy

I love a good list, I don’t ‘go with it’ as much as I should, I’m always busy.

My head’s such a mess at the end of the day, I can barely plan what time to steam the veggies to be ready with the meat.

My son often tells me to, “stop being busy”.

It’s hard because If. I. Could. Just. Get. This. One. Thing. Done.


I turned round from the kitchen feeling less calm by the second, “I’ll be there soon”!

The other day as I was driving them to the zoo I spent the whole ride thinking whether I had packed enough food, how I would stop Harry from falling asleep in the car, should I have taken him to the toilet before we left, I should have prepped dinner before we left because it was already late, would they be warm enough as I could see clouds ahead, should I use a pram this time because last time was a nightmare wrangling them both ... and then I checked the rear view mirror to see two little content beings excited for the zoo with mum.

And that’s just all the thoughts swirling around about our outting. The other million thoughts are a Jack in a box waiting to burst.

It’s not his job to know of all the inner workings of the adult life and how much effort goes into everything we do for them, not yet, he will learn.

I wandered over to see what he wanted, I can’t remember what he told me now but I remember his face as he told it.

It was seeing himself in my eyes as he spoke. Even though my eyes reflect him in everything I do, he just needed to be seen for a moment. I guess we aren’t so different.

It can’t always be this way of course, things need doing, but there will always be something to do, and every time I glance at him he looks a little bigger.

He’s only allotted a portion of time of this content magical world of his. I forget how nice it is to revisit mine through him.

He’s onto something I think, maybe we all need to remember that it’s ok to sometimes just, “stop being busy”.

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